Residential and Care

There is a national shortage of provision for young people with disabilities once they leave school, particularly for those who need ongoing medical support. As a result many young adults find themselves in nursing homes without the company and support of their peers, or living back at home with their parents, who may struggle to provide full time care.

Hannahwood focuses on helping young adults between the ages of 19 and 25 to live as independently as possible in purpose built bungalows.

The five bedroom (all en-suites!) modern, spacious bungalows have the vibrancy and independent feel of student digs – without the mountain of washing up! The bungalows are all equipped with environmental controls, allowing our young adults to take ownership of their choices and gain control in their lives.

Each bungalow has 10-12 members of staff with one a key worker and one co key worker assisting every young adult. The high staffing levels mean that one young adult can be taking part in a totally different activity to another, from being rock royalty on Guitar Hero or taking care of the practicalities by getting in ingredients for the evening meal.

Hannahwood benefits from being on site at Ivybridge, so shares the extensive facilities and ensures the exceptional levels of care are continuous for our students. This means that the relevant physician can attend to the young adults quickly and in the comfort of their home, often preventing the need for hospitalisation.