Physiotherapy enables people to access a wide range of physical activities including; hydrotherapy, rebound therapy, therapeutic horse riding and adapted PE. At Hannahs, each physiotherapist has responsibility for a small number of students and each young person has a specific programme of therapy to meet their own needs. Continuous assessment and review are critical components of the programmes, which are tailored for assisted walking and wheelchair users. These personalised programmes are created to provide 24 hour postural management care for each young person and are developed in consultation with the young person, parent and multi-disciplinary team.

We are specialists in postural management – helping to support and make the individual as comfortable as possible whether sitting, standing or lying down. We have the expertise and the facilities to assess the postural needs of the individual – whether a student or an outreach service user.

Individuals are able to test out our equipment and we can recommend specialist postural equipment. Staff can also help with the provision and fitting of seating systems including moulded systems by Contour 886. Equipment training, follow up assessments and workshops on postural management are also available.