100,000 listens for Access All Aerials

Hannahs radio station Access All Aerials clocked up 100,000 listens recently. A group of Hannahs radio presenters were in the studio to celebrate.

Launched three years ago, the station went live online two years ago. Run by people with a range of disabilities, the station is going from strength to strength. There are now 30 guests hosting 27 shows every week with 12-15 hours of live programming between them. The station has regular listeners from all around the world including Australia, USA, Israel, Thailand and many more countries.

The presenters offer a variety of shows with a wide range of music to discussions on topics such as poetry, politics and horse racing. There are regular shows every Wednesday to Friday. To tune in go to

The station and shows can be heard 24/7 via PCs and most smartphones. Listeners can send in requests to or via the test website –