47SOUL brings Palestinian music to Seale-Hayne

Palestinian music group 47SOUL has recently arrived at Hannahs at Seale-Hayne and will be recording in the Big Red Studios until Christmas. They will be performing at Friday Night Out in the Yellow Rooms on Friday 5th December at 7pm.

In 2013, four of the most prominent young Palestinian artists, from different regions, united across borders to form 47SOUL. Their music combines the traditional Palestinian street music, Dabke dance, with other Middle Eastern grooves from Iraq to North Africa and influences including reggae, soul, and hip-hop. Their lyrics, mixing Arabic and English, spread the universal message for peace, freedom, and equality, inside Palestine and throughout the world.

The group has come to the UK thanks to OneTaste, the UK based music and spoken word organization, and Borderless Beats, a creative collaboration between exceptional underground international artists who use music as a means to bridge the gaps between different cultures. The organisations are working together to facilitate both the development of 47SOUL and a meaningful cultural exchange between the UK and Palestine through art. Their aim is to use art to give people everywhere the opportunity to experience freedom in the face of any circumstance and to rise above all the perceived borders.

Dannii Evans, director of Borderless Beats, has now dedicated herself to developing this band as a powerful voice for young people both in the UK and the Middle East to create inter-cultural change, sharing and understanding through music and art.

Since forming in Spring 2013, 47SOUL has already completed two UK summer festival tours, sold out shows at some of London’s best international music venues, and been featured on BBC television for inspiring the Arab community of London. They have also held fundraisers for children in Gaza both in Devon and London, creating a loyal fan based in both regions.

Currently, 47SOUL is facing a great challenge. The four members of 47SOUL are all from different regions and each hold different passports and travel documents. Because of travel restrictions and political instability, the members of 47SOUL are not able to come together in their home region. For this reason, 47SOUL have been seeking opportunities abroad and travelling to the UK to compose, rehearse, and perform.

After their time in London, they are really enjoying their stay in the stunning grounds of Seale-Hayne surrounded by beautiful Devon countryside.