Can you help with our unique toy exhibition...

Can you help us put together an amazing summer exhibition by lending us any of the must-have toys and games from Christmases past?

This July and August we are hosting a celebration of games and play here at Hannahs Seale-Hayne. As well as games trails and a whole programme of fun activities, we are curating a central exhibition of the most popular “must-have” toys down throughout the decades.
Which is where we need your help…

The exhibition will follow a timeline from the 1950s onwards, looking at popular toys, fads, and crazes. We’ve put together a bit of a list of some of the toys we are looking to borrow, and are hoping you will be able to support us by having a root around your lofts, under your beds or in the top of your wardrobes. You might also come across a few nostalgic treats we have missed from the list, but could be included.

The items will be displayed in cases or behind protective ropes so they can’t be played with and damaged (we will providing other toys for some hands-on fun). They will form part of a larger exhibition including information boards on the fads from each decade and trivia about them, as well as TV screens showing old adverts for toys, as well as news footage of parents scrambling to buy the most sought-after toys like Teletubbies.

We are looking for toys and games in really good condition for the exhibition, and have put a bit of a “wish list” together. However you might have other suggestions that we have missed. Anyone who can kindly lend us any items will be invited to a special VIP opening ahead of the launch of the main exhibition.

Many thanks

The Summer of Play Team

Please contact if you can help

Our Wish List

1950’s Dinky, Matchbox, Corgi, Flower Pot men, Ray Guns, Robots, dolls houses, teddy bears Yahtzee, Play-Doh, Hula Hoop, Barbie, Plasticine
1951 Muffin The Mule
1952 Mr Potato Head. Matchbox Car
1953 Little Princess Doll
1954 Sooty’s xylophone
1956 Scalectrix
1959 Barbie
1960 Etch a sketch
1962 Dr Who and the Daleks
1965 James Bond Aston Martin
1966 Action Man
1967 Spiro-Graph
1968 Twister
1969 Thunderbirds, Hotwheels
1970 Stylophone
1971 Ridley’s Space Hoppers . Fisher price record Player
1972 Buckaroo, Operation, Kerplunk
1973 Mastermind, Escape from Colditz Game, Girls World
1974 Dungeon’s and Dragons, Evel Kernival, Connect Four
1975 Wombles Figures, Frizbees, Jaws
1976 Chopper Bike, Pong
1977 Slime. Othello. Skateboards, Speak and Spell
1978 Simon. Star Wars. Top Trumps, Roller Skates
1979 Space Lego. Bionic Man
1980 Rubik’s Cube. Atari
1981 Lego Train
1982 BMX, ET Toy
1983 Cabbage Patch Kids, My Little Pony, He Man
1984 Care Bears
1985 Transformers, Optimus prime. Pound Puppies
1986 Panini Football Stickers
1987 Sylvanian Families
1988 Ghostbuster’s proton Pack/car
1989 Batman Bat Mobile, Yo-yo
1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
1991 Game Boy
1992 Thunderbirds Tracy Island
1993 Power Rangers Barbie Dolls
1994 Power Rangers
1995 POGS, Barbie and Action Man
1996 Buzz Lightyear, Tickle Me Elmo
1997 Tamagotchis, Teletubbies, Ty Beanie Babies
1998 Furby
1999 Pokemon Card, Who Wants to be a Millionaire Game
2000 Robotic Pets (Teksta the Robotic Dog), Folding Scooters