Chernobyl children visit Harry Potter at Seale-Hayne

A group of Chernobyl children from Belarus were among the first visitors to the ‘Illustrating Harry Potter’ exhibition at Hannahs at Seale-Hayne this week.

They looked round the stunning exhibition and created their own Harry Potter glasses and spider’s webs before heading off to do other activities around Seale-Hayne. They took over the Access All Aerials radio station to help present a show and then took part in several outdoor activities and had a swim in the hydrotherapy pool.

The Chernobyl children are staying with host families in Devon for a month thanks to the British charity, Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline. Belarus is a developing country that has suffered most from the fall-out caused by the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986. Anna Malinovskaya, a teacher in Belarus, brought the children to England as a volunteer for the charity.

The stunning ‘Illustrating Harry Potter’ exhibition is the highlight of a Summer of Magic at Hannahs at Seale-Hayne running until 25 September. The magical events include Murder at the School of Magic, Magical Campfire Stories and Harry Potter Astronomy evenings, Quidditch lessons, Hortus Pocus potion making sessions, art sessions, an Open Air Cinema Festival and Harry Potter’s Birthday Picnic. Visitors will also be able to catch The Magic Express steam train along the South Devon Railway from Buckfastleigh to Totnes and then catch a London Double Decker bus to Hannahs at Seale-Hayne.

Carl Munson, Hannahs Community Development and Integration Manager at Seale-Hayne said “I was staggered to hear that a month in Devon can extend the life expectancy of these kids by three years. A day out is the least we can offer to children who have lost parents, whose parents are chronically ill, and who are only expected, on average, to reach 42 years of age.”