Hannahs revive Seale-Hayne Panto

Hannahs is reviving the age old tradition of the Christmas Pantomime at Seale-Hayne. Graffiti recording past pantomimes has been discovered under the stage in the Great Hall at Seale-Hayne dating back to the early 1980s. The pantomime was always performed by the students at the agricultural college and now Hannahs is planning a performance of Mother Duck.

Pantomime villain Matt Newbury said “We found this fascinating graffiti in the dressing rooms under the stage in the Great Hall at Seale-Hayne. Rag Society pantomimes were an annual event back when the site was an agricultural college and the cast members of various productions stretching back the early 80s have signed the walls. We have been contacted by various people since posting them on social media (including Belladonna from Beauty and the Beast in 2003/4) and even someone whose Mum was in a Panto in the 1960s. Apparently the people who put on the plays were known as the Illuminated Thespians! If anyone has any old photos/programmes, we would love to see them. And remember the Panto is open to everyone and is a fundraiser for the Dame Hannahs Rogers Trust”.

The graffiti covers pantomime classics such as Sleeping Beauty and Dick Whittington. Mother Duck will be performed by Hannahs staff, guests and volunteers on Friday 20 December at 7.30pm in the Great Hall, the venue of many Seale-Hayne pantomimes. Tickets are just £5 each. To book call 01626 325822/325817. All proceeds will go to Hannahs.