Harry Potter fans stir up potions at Seale-Hayne

During the school holidays the weekly Hortus Pocus potion-making lessons have proved very popular. Young Harry Potter fans have been learning all about herbology and the magic of plants from Hannahs’ Professor of Peculiar Potions.

At each session they have hunted down herbs in the Potager Garden and added ingredients such as Crushed Dragons Scales, Unicorn Snot and Rotten Rats Tails to brew enchanting potions such as Liquid Luck. After much stirring of the cauldron and grinding of ingredients, the potions have been completed and everyone has taken home their own bottle of magical elixir.

Nicola Moorhouse, Hannahs Communications and Digital Manager, said “Hortus Pocus has been one of the highlight events of the Summer at Seale-Hayne with every event sold out! There is something about pickled dragons skin, crushed dragons scales and rotten rats tails that capture the imagination of all ages and at times it’s been hard to tell who has enjoyed it more the children or the grown ups!”