International representatives visit Seale-Hayne

Representatives of the International Association of Special Education (IASE) came from all over the world to visit Hannahs at Seale-Hayne this week. They were invited by Hannahs Chief Executive, Bronwen Hewitt, who is national Chair of the IASE in the UK.
The aim of the IASE is to improve the quality of life and service delivery for all individuals identified as having special needs and to foster a Global Exchange of Ideas and Information. Bronwen Hewitt had met the international representatives at the annual conference in Vancouver earlier this year. She was delighted to welcome them and to give them a tour of both Hannahs at Ivybridge and Seale-Hayne.
Among the IASE visitors were American educationalist, activist and author, Mary Gale Budzisz, who has spent half her lifetime in a public school classroom teaching students skills to enable them to become good citizens who make valued contributions to their world. She was joined by Kevin Spencer, also from the USA, who runs Hocus Focus and has recently expanded the Healing of Magic Program into the area of Special Education.
Plymouth University hosted a reception for the group and they met Clare Dorer, Chief Executive of NASS (National Association of Special Schools). Bronwen Hewitt said, “As national Chair UK for IASE, it has been a pleasure to host this week and explore further opportunities. They were all very excited by Hannahs and our work and ethos”.