Sara Evans

Through its journey from the earth as refined mud to the evolution of an art piece, clay is a wondrous material that I love to use as a medium for expression. Other art materials also fascinate, and I use printmaking, textiles and paint to pursue ideas of transformation. I investigate the depiction of landscape, figurative pieces and individual vessels to delve into themes of belonging, process, and spontaneity.

I was born and grew up in Africa which I feel explains my love for bright colour and the seeking of an earthy spiritual essence. Working at Dartington Pottery in the 1990s with its vibrant glazes and energetic designs has also had a profound influence on my work.

Making art is my way of dealing with being alive in the 21st Century. It can be deeply therapeutic – a way of communicating that goes beyond words. The engagement with materials provides an activity that makes time irrelevant, and through being creatively challenged everyday anxieties and fears are put in their place.

I teach pottery and ceramics to beginners and those with some experience of working with clay at Hannahs at Seale-Hayne near Newton Abbot. Sessions are offered on Tuesday evenings, and Friday mornings and afternoons. Courses run for 6 weeks and many choose to return to build on the skills they have learnt during their first set. Please contact me for dates and availability if you are interested in joining these lively groups.

Pottery Classes at Seale-Hayne
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Phone: 07527 919324
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