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Around 50 Tenants remain active on the Seale-Hayne site ranging from artists to small businesses, charities to beauty therapies.

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  • pitchfords.jpg

    A Mind 4 Adventure

    A Mind 4 Adventure is the sister organisation to i2i Development Solutions Ltd. A Mind 4 Adventure is a passionate about supporting the learning, development and growth of individuals.

    Location: Upper East 110
    Telephone: 01364 642587
    Mobile: 07970 987425
    Website: http://www.i2idevelopmentsolutions.com/
    Facebook: Click here | Twitter: Click here | Instagram: Click here

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  • alan-riddell-2.jpg

    Alan Riddell

    Alan Riddell builds fishing rods. He has been passionate about fishing since childhood and has been building rods as a hobby since he was a teenager.

    Location: Lower West 6
    Mobile: 07766 380488
    Website: http://www.garethriddell24.wixsite.com/alanriddellrods
    Facebook: Click here

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  • amelia-webster.jpg

    Amelia Webster

    Portraiture is a great passion of mine and I am constantly asking what makes a portrait great and how can this be achieved. Through studying portraiture, I explore the relationship between the painter and the sitter and how this can influence the way the portrait is portrayed. When making a portrait my goal is for the piece to have presence, as I believe it is this that allows a portrait to come alive.

    Location: Lower West
    Website: http://www.ameliawebsterart.com
    | Instagram: Click here

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  • amy-2.jpg

    Amy Joanne

    Having qualified in BTEC National Diploma of Beauty Sciences, Amy has gained extensive experience working in 5 star hotel spas in the region. Keeping up to date with all the latest techniques she offers a wide range of beauty treatments including Hot Stone & Thai massages and spray tanning.

    Location: Health & Wellbeing Centre
    Mobile: 07540 375 499

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  • angie-jones-512x512.jpg

    Angie Jones MRSS

    Shiatsu is a Japanese healing art. It relaxes and de-stresses the physical, emotional and mental aspects of a person and promotes the feeling of overall well-being. It can help a wide range of conditions – from specific injuries to more general symptoms of poor health.

    Location: Health & Wellbeing Centre
    Mobile: 07915 014 208
    Website: http://www.angiejonesshiatsu.com

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  • IMG_8529.JPG

    Becky's Hair Boutique

    Becky’s Hair Boutique is a small, friendly boutique with a unique one to one hairdressing service.

    Telephone: 01626 325641

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  • bill-bailey-publishers.jpg

    Bill Bailey Publishers' Representatives

    Location: Lecture Theatre, Lambert Building
    Telephone: 01626 331079
    Website: http://www.billbaileypubreps.co.uk
    Facebook: Click here

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  • blind-veterans.jpg

    Blind Veterans

    Blind Veterans support anyone who has served in the armed forces, or done national service, who is now living with significant sight loss. They offer physical and emotional support by helping them overcome the challenges of blindness and enjoy daily life.

    Location: Lower East
    Telephone: 01454 617920
    Mobile: 07393 019851
    Website: http://www.blindveterans.org.uk
    Facebook: Click here | Twitter: Click here | Instagram: Click here

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  • chrissie-moulder.jpg

    Chrissie Moulder

    I offer TRE sessions (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises).

    Mobile: 07840069075
    Website: http://www.childtherapysouthdevon.com/

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  • joyce-howitt.jpg

    Clearer Horizons

    I have been a Counsellor and Psychotherapist for 17 years and during that time as well as being in private practice I have worked in a GP surgery, and in various counselling agencies including one specialising in bereavement and another specialising in working with survivors of abuse.

    Location: Upper South
    Mobile: 07596008840
    Website: http://www.clearerhorizons.co.uk

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  • img_5623.jpg

    Commercial Drone Training

    Provides clients with an experience of a lifetime to enable them to gain their UK CAA PfCO and qualify as a Commercial Drone Pilot in a fraction of the time.

    Location: North Block
    Telephone: 01626 911 012
    Mobile: 07889 767 398
    Website: http://www.commercialdronetraining.co.uk
    Facebook: Click here | Twitter: Click here

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  • dhrt-projects-2018-tenants_list-action_east-web_banner-512x512px.jpg

    Counselling for Carers (C4C)

    Low cost counselling service for all carers over the age of 18 who live within the Devon County Council area. They use trainee counsellors who have been assessed by their college as ready to work with clients. We use various locations throughout the county and try to see clients as close as possible to where they live. Initially we offer clients 20 sessions but this can be reduced or extended as required. Part of Action East Devon.

    Location: Lambert Buildling
    Telephone: 01626 325621
    Website: http://www.c4cdevon.org.uk

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  • creationmythpuppets.jpg

    Creation Myth Puppets

    Arts Council England funded Charity that has an international reputation for inspiring young people to create spectacular puppets shows. These shows draw upon stories from different world cultures and tales created from the children's imaginations. These shows transform and galvanise  individuals, groups and whole school communities.

    Location: Upper West
    Mobile: 07950 998911
    Website: http://www.creationmythpuppets.co.uk
    Facebook: Click here

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  • cycle-systems.jpg

    Cycle Systems

    Cycle Systems provides high quality, cycle maintenance training and services.

    Location: Haytor Hames
    Mobile: 07726 921002
    Website: http://www.cycle-systems.co.uk
    Facebook: Click here | Twitter: Click here | Instagram: Click here

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  • devon-carers.jpg

    Devon Carers

    Devon Carers enable carers to maintain their own health, wellbeing and independence; and to care safely, confidently and effectively.

    Location: Lambert Building

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  • new-downs-1.jpg

    Down's Syndrome Association (Devon office)

    Supporting people with Down's syndrome to live full and rewarding lives.

    Location: Lower North
    Telephone: 0333 1212 300
    Website: http://www.downs-syndrome.org.uk
    Facebook: Click here | Twitter: Click here

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  • paul-stratton.jpg

    Eris Artwork

    I am a self-taught artist, illustrator and model scenery designer living in Devon. My influences stem from a fascination with all things fantasy, mythological, historical and science-fiction as well as the hobbies of role-playing and war-gaming. I also have a profound love of nature and wildlife which I am able to indulge by taking walks in the countryside or visiting the coast.

    Location: Lower West
    Website: http://www.eris-artwork.co.uk

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  • with-lydia-s-picture_180dpi-copy.jpg

    Framed at Hannahs

    We are a small picture-framing workshop offering a personal service to all our customers.

    Location: Lower North Room 13
    Mobile: 07718 161079
    Website: http://www.artgilbert.co.uk/framedathannahs.html

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  • adam-french.jpg

    French Legionella Services

    Adam French has recently launched his own company, French Legionella Services, having previously been involved in another legionella company. He advises and trains companies in the prevention of legionella all over the UK.

    Location: Upper East 112
    Mobile: 7799410873

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  • gail-bryant.jpg

    Gail Bryant

    I have lived in Devon for twenty-four years. My paternal grandparents worked in the woollen industry in West Yorkshire so it could be said that weaving is in my blood. I have been knitting and sewing for most of my life and studied City and Guild embroidery. I learnt to weave at The Devon Weavers Workshop and completed a textile design course at Bradford College of Art in 2010; my work was shown at New Designers that year.

    Location: Lower North

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  • gavin-blench.jpg

    Gavin Blench

    My work deals with the tensions between boundaried space and open space in my local landscape on the edge of Dartmoor. Here I try to capture my first instinctive impressions of the place. Focusing upon the essential components and contrasts that make up a specific landscape, I paint the distinctions between these states in their simplest form.

    Location: Lower West

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  • graham-gilbert.jpg

    Graham Gilbert

    I have been exhibiting my work since 2007 when, encouraged by my wife and artist Sara, I took part in Devon Open Studios at Hazelwood House in a joint exhibition.

    Location: Lower North Room 13
    Mobile: 07718 161079
    Website: http://www.artgilbert.co.uk

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  • jrhc9dtq.bmp

    Hangar 7

    Hangar 7 provides a virtual reality for people of all capabilities, as well as teaching people about working as a team to ensure the flight goes smoothly.

    Location: Lambert Buildling
    Mobile: 07904 247588
    Website: http://www.hangar7.org

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  • hannah-holford.jpg

    Hannah Holford

    Hannah is an artist whose work has a Japanese influence

    Location: Lower West
    Mobile: 07816 350704
    Facebook: Click here | Instagram: Click here

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  • homestart.jpg


    Home-Start believes that children need a happy and secure childhood and that parents play the key role in giving their children a good start in life and helping them achieve their full potential. To Home-Start every family is special and we respond to each family’s needs through a combination of home-visiting support, group work and social events. Home-Start Schemes are rooted in the communities they serve.

    Location: Upper South 13
    Telephone: 01626 353700
    Mobile: 07837 946069
    Website: http://www.homestart-teignbridge.org.uk

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  • hutchings-groundworks.jpg

    Hutchings Groundworks

    Hutchings Groundworks are a well established groundwork & contractors company. We take great pride in offering the very best groundwork, excavation, drainage services and utilities. We can also offer path laying, patio laying and preparation of surfaces for shed erection, stable blocks and most small buildings.

    Location: Upper West
    Telephone: 01626 325647
    Mobile: 07795197532 or 07890806304
    Website: http://www.hutchingsgroundworks.co.uk
    Facebook: Click here

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  • pitchfords.jpg

    i2i Development Solutions

    i2i Development Solutions Ltd is a Leadership, Management and Coaching consultancy and education provider.

    Telephone: 01364 642587
    Mobile: 07970 987425
    Website: http://www.i2idevelopmentsolutions.com
    Facebook: Click here | Twitter: Click here

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  • interbe-1.jpg


    InterBe is a transformative learning and development organisation.

    Location: Upper West
    Telephone: 01392 346 224
    Website: https://www.interbe.co.uk
    Facebook: Click here | Twitter: Click here

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  • jamie-ling-2.jpg

    Jamie Ling

    Jamie is a bespoke trouser maker

    Location: Lower West 16

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  • new-taiko.jpg

    Kagemusha Taiko

    Kagemusha Taiko is a performing arts/education company. We create, perform and teach exciting, original repertoire, forging a new style of taiko [Japanese drumming] here in the U.K. Through our extensive training programmes for young people and adults, we seek to provide everyone with an opportunity to learn and perform taiko in a way that is appropriate for them.

    Location: The Taiko Centre (Thomson Lab)
    Telephone: 01626 325 832
    Website: http://www.kagemusha.com

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  • kate-andrew.jpg

    Kate Andrew

    I am Kate and I live in a small village in South Devon, with my husband, two children and dog Maggie. I am a self taught artist, having spent all my life doodling and dreaming.

    Location: Upper North
    Website: http://www.kateandrew.co.uk
    Facebook: Click here | Instagram: Click here

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  • kina-myhill.jpg

    Kina Myhill

    An independent Travel Counsellor, based in a beautiful town in Devon, close to Dartmoor.

    Location: Upper West
    Telephone: 01803 898670
    Website: http://www.travelcounsellors.co.uk/kina.myhill
    Facebook: Click here

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  • kineta-drinks.jpg

    Kineta Drinks

    Our aim is to make the ancient power of Matcha tea more relevant and accessible to all. This is because more and more people are turning to Matcha for a healthy and natural energy hit. After all their philosophy is simple; “Matchamise Life”.

    Location: Upper West
    Mobile: 07966 632735
    Website: http://www.kineta-drinks.co.uk
    Facebook: Click here

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  • lee-hodges.jpg

    Lee Hodges

    Lee is an illustrator from Cornwall

    Mobile: 07779725853
    Website: http://www.leeho.co.uk/
    Facebook: Click here

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  • life-chance-education.jpg

    Life Chance Education

    Life Chance Education is committed to transforming the life chances of the most vulnerable young people and families in our communities. We aim to achieve this in several ways. Firstly, through our growing chain of schools which offer an integrated educational and therapeutic environment.

    Telephone: 01626 244086
    Website: http://www.lceducation.org.uk

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  • greg-newman-1.jpg


    ReproArt Imaging is a full-service in-house company that offers large format digital printing, die cutting, mounting and lamination services. For both your business and personal needs, we can print anything in both large and small quantities. From backlit signs to point-of-purchase displays to home art – your options are literally endless!

    Location: Lower North
    Mobile: 07783 417041
    Website: http://www.reproart.co.uk

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  • richard-bravo.jpg

    Richard Bravo

    Richard Bravo is a Jewellery Designer

    Location: Upper West 114

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  • rob-hills-2.jpg

    Rob Hills

    Rob Hills studied at Plymouth College of Art and Design from 1992—1996 and furthered his experience working as a Blacksmith and Fabricator for nine years at Dean Forge in Buckfastleigh. In 2006 he set up a workshop in Plymouth at Flameworks Creative Arts Facility where he could develop his passion for steel as an art form. Rob has now moved to his own workshop set within the estate of Hannah’s at Seale Hayne.

    Location: The Forge
    Telephone: 07834 439274
    Website: http://www.roberthills.co.uk

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  • sara-evens.jpg

    Sara Evans

    Through its journey from the earth as refined mud to the evolution of an art piece, clay is an extraordinary material which I love to use as a medium for expression. In addition, I use printmaking, textiles and paint to engage in ideas of transformation, landscape, and belonging.

    Location: The Pottery
    Telephone: 01626 325878
    Mobile: 07527 919324
    Website: https://www.saraevanspottery.com/

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  • scattering-ashes.jpg

    Scattering Ashes

    Our aim is to have the best scattering ceremony for you, your friends and your family and to help you do it in a way that makes you happy and filled with confidence. They provide the services so that you can either scatter, bury or keep them depending on what you want to do.

    Location: The Chapel
    Telephone: 01392 58 10 12
    Website: http://www.scattering-ashes.co.uk

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  • whatsissfit.jpg

    School for Inspiring Talents

    School for Inspiring Talents (SfIT) supports the most vulnerable young people in society; those children who do not find it easy to fit into existing educational provision.

    Website: http://www.sfit.org.uk

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  • andy-mackellar-2.jpg

    Ships Physio

    Ships Physio provides a range of neurological physiotherapy services throughout the South West.

    Location: Health & Wellbeing Centre
    Telephone: 0800 9 020 191
    Mobile: 07957 884143
    Website: http://www.shipsphysio.co.uk

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  • simply-great-media.jpg

    Simply Great Media

    Simply Great Media have a broad range of skills, high tech equipment and associates available to deliver industry standard, end to end media-based projects. Their ‘people over profit’ ethos is aimed at enabling sustainable growth and the further development and advancement of their media centre of excellence.

    Location: The Green Rooms
    Telephone: 01626 840088
    Website: http://www.simplygreatmedia.co.uk

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  • suzy-fasht-new-2.jpg

    Suzy Fasht

    Suzy Fasht is a painter and art tutor

    Mobile: 07437 797487
    Website: http://www.suzy-fasht.com
    | Instagram: Click here

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  • the-key-at-hannahs.jpg

    The Key at Hannahs

    The Key at Hannahs is an inclusive creative arts, education and activities hub for people of all abilities and disabilities.

    Location: Haytor Hames
    Telephone: 01626 325843
    Website: http://www.newkey.org.uk

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  • thrive.jpg


    The Thrive Approach is a unique way of working with children and young people, supported by the latest advancements in neuroscience and attachment theory. By addressing challenging or distressed behaviours, we train adults to provide the framework to support social and emotional development, as well as a firm foundation for learning.

    Location: Upper North
    Telephone: 01392 797555
    Website: http://www.thriveapproach.com

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  • jez-ralph.jpg

    Timber Strategies

    Timber Strategies works with interesting people excited about the potential of forestry and timber.

    Location: Upper East 114
    Mobile: 07779 844610
    Website: http://www.timberstrategies.com
    | Twitter: Click here | Instagram: Click here

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  • 82.jpg

    Veterans with Dogs

    Veterans with Dogs was founded with the specific intention of training fully accredited assistance dogs to help mitigate the symptoms of mental health difficulties for our veterans and active-duty service members.

    Location: Haytor Hames
    Telephone: 0843 289 8899
    Website: http://www.veteranswithdogs.org.uk

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  • white-essence.jpg


    Whitessence - Therapies and Fitness

    Location: Lambert
    Mobile: 07875366298
    Website: http://www.whitessencewellbeing.com

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  • work-it.jpg

    Work it

    Small group fitness studio dedicated to personal service and care about your health and wellbeing.

    Location: The Gym, Lambert Building
    Telephone: 07875 366298
    Website: http://www.workit-uk.co.uk

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