Gail Bryant

I have lived in Devon for twenty-four years. My paternal grandparents worked in the woollen industry in West Yorkshire so it could be said that weaving is in my blood. I have been knitting and sewing for most of my life and studied City and Guild embroidery. I learnt to weave at The Devon Weavers Workshop and completed a textile design course at Bradford College of Art in 2010; my work was shown at New Designers that year.

I am a member of the Textile Forum South West and am committee member of Devon Weavers Workshop.

I weave because weaving allows me to explore my love of fibres, yarns and fabrics. My weaving combines technical skills with colour, texture and proportion. I get my inspiration by looking at what is around me, looking at the way the colours combine in a Dartmoor landscape or the pattern of the paving on the platform at the railway station.

I love to look at and touch yarn, fibre, old textiles. I like to combine unlikely fibres to see what their different properties will bring to a finished fabric. The question on my lips is – “I wonder what will happen if I use this?” When I work with yarn I am reminded that I am linked to the past.

My work can be seen and purchased at Hannah’s at Seale Hayne and at Devon Weaver’s Workshop events.


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  • Location: Lower North