Hannah Holford

I discovered a love of art at 11 years old when, at school, I was handed a pencil and paper and was asked to draw another pupil. I was encouraged to keep it up and have produced many portraits and some landscapes using mostly pencil and charcoal. Soon, other interests took precedence (I study Taekwondo and am now training for my black belt) and art took a back seat.

In 2014 I went to stay with a friend in Japan and fell in love with the country and its rich and wonderful culture, so much so that I began studying for an English degree so that I could go and teach there in the future should I wish. Since visiting, I have acquired many books and artefacts and like to think that my artwork has a Japanese influence.

I would avoid saying that I adhere to a certain style as I like to experiment and try to remain versatile. I tend to use oils when painting something more traditional but do enjoy the creative freedom of painting an abstract with acrylics as I can work quickly - I find pastels good for this too. I recently started sculpture and have many ideas to now start working on.