Jamie Ling

I am a bespoke trouser maker. I studied Fashion at Plymouth College of Art and Design and developed a keen eye for tailoring after a successful work placement with a bespoke Savile Row tailor.
I was offered an apprenticeship in bespoke trouser making so moved to South London to learn the skills in making trousers with a highly experienced Savile Row trained trouser maker. During my apprenticeship I gained great relationships with other tailors in the trade.
Within bespoke tailoring you have a Cutter, a Coat maker, a Trouser Maker, a Waistcoat Maker, a Hand Finisher and others who contribute in pulling a bespoke suit together. I was always told that once I learned to make trousers well I would never be short of work. This was very true, most customers order two pairs per suit. I’m very lucky to be busy and work for 8 different tailoring shops now.
I moved back to Devon to pursue a business within trouser making and it works very well. The jobs are sent via courier to me and I make them from a detailed ticket in my lovely workshop here at Seale-Hayne. I feel privileged to live and work in such a beautiful place.
I make for some elite customers and work for some amazing people within the tailoring industry. It’s always nice to take a trip to London now and again for work purposes and a little bit of shopping too!