Simply Great Media

Simply Great Media have a broad range of skills, high tech equipment and associates available to deliver industry standard, end to end media-based projects. Their ‘people over profit’ ethos is aimed at enabling sustainable growth and the further development and advancement of their media centre of excellence.

Their Tech Enthusiasts aim to inspire and create an exciting community of like-minded people, both adults and children, who can develop and apply their skills to the community, creating a symbiosis and developing self-worth whilst giving lots of opportunity and happiness. For the very young ones this is achieved through play and social activities but will soon develop into contributing to projects which will have benefits for others.

The team are all parents and are very aware of the challenges associated with youngsters who are highly ‘focussed’ and tech savvy. They are also very ASD friendly and aim to make sure that any perceived disability is turned into a strength by developing broader self-confidence through team centred activities. They are developing activities which includes Retro Gaming, Minecraft, Code Club, 3D Printing, Physical Computing, Electronics, Radio Broadcasting, Media Streaming / Video /YouTube Production and much, much more…. being a nerd has never been so cool.