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Around 50 Tenants remain active on the Seale-Hayne site ranging from artists to small businesses, charities to beauty therapies.

A brief community directory can be downloaded here.

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  • bill-bailey-publishers.jpg

    Bill Bailey Publishers' Representatives

    Location: Lecture Theatre, Lambert Building
    Telephone: 01626 331079
    Website: http://www.billbaileypubreps.co.uk
    Facebook: Click here

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  • img_5623.jpg

    Commercial Drone Training

    Provides clients with an experience of a lifetime to enable them to gain their UK CAA PfCO and qualify as a Commercial Drone Pilot in a fraction of the time.

    Location: North Block
    Telephone: 01626 911 012
    Mobile: 07889 767 398
    Website: http://www.commercialdronetraining.co.uk
    Facebook: Click here | Twitter: Click here

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  • cycle-systems.jpg

    Cycle Systems

    Cycle Systems provides high quality, cycle maintenance training and services.

    Location: Haytor Hames
    Mobile: 07726 921002
    Website: http://www.cycle-systems.co.uk
    Facebook: Click here | Twitter: Click here | Instagram: Click here

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  • with-lydia-s-picture_180dpi-copy.jpg

    Framed at Hannahs

    We are a small picture-framing workshop offering a personal service to all our customers.

    Location: Lower North Room 13
    Mobile: 07718 161079
    Website: http://www.artgilbert.co.uk/framedathannahs.html

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  • jrhc9dtq.bmp

    Hangar 7

    Hangar 7 provides a virtual reality for people of all capabilities, as well as teaching people about working as a team to ensure the flight goes smoothly.

    Location: Lambert Buildling
    Mobile: 07904 247588
    Website: http://www.hangar7.org

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  • hutchings-groundworks.jpg

    Hutchings Groundworks

    Hutchings Groundworks are a well established groundwork & contractors company. We take great pride in offering the very best groundwork, excavation, drainage services and utilities. We can also offer path laying, patio laying and preparation of surfaces for shed erection, stable blocks and most small buildings.

    Location: Upper West
    Telephone: 01626 325647
    Mobile: 07795197532 or 07890806304
    Website: http://www.hutchingsgroundworks.co.uk
    Facebook: Click here

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  • interbe-1.jpg


    InterBe is a transformative learning and development organisation.

    Location: Upper West
    Telephone: 01392 346 224
    Website: https://www.interbe.co.uk
    Facebook: Click here | Twitter: Click here

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  • new-taiko.jpg

    Kagemusha Taiko

    Kagemusha Taiko is a performing arts/education company. We create, perform and teach exciting, original repertoire, forging a new style of taiko [Japanese drumming] here in the U.K. Through our extensive training programmes for young people and adults, we seek to provide everyone with an opportunity to learn and perform taiko in a way that is appropriate for them.

    Location: The Taiko Centre (Thomson Lab)
    Telephone: 01626 325 832
    Website: http://www.kagemusha.com

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  • kina-myhill.jpg

    Kina Myhill

    An independent Travel Counsellor, based in a beautiful town in Devon, close to Dartmoor.

    Location: Upper West
    Telephone: 01803 898670
    Website: http://www.travelcounsellors.co.uk/kina.myhill
    Facebook: Click here

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  • kineta-drinks.jpg

    Kineta Drinks

    Our aim is to make the ancient power of Matcha tea more relevant and accessible to all. This is because more and more people are turning to Matcha for a healthy and natural energy hit. After all their philosophy is simple; “Matchamise Life”.

    Location: Upper West
    Mobile: 07966 632735
    Website: http://www.kineta-drinks.co.uk
    Facebook: Click here

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  • life-chance-education.jpg

    Life Chance Education

    Life Chance Education is committed to transforming the life chances of the most vulnerable young people and families in our communities. We aim to achieve this in several ways. Firstly, through our growing chain of schools which offer an integrated educational and therapeutic environment.

    Telephone: 01626 244086
    Website: http://www.lceducation.org.uk

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  • greg-newman-1.jpg


    ReproArt Imaging is a full-service in-house company that offers large format digital printing, die cutting, mounting and lamination services. For both your business and personal needs, we can print anything in both large and small quantities. From backlit signs to point-of-purchase displays to home art – your options are literally endless!

    Location: Lower North
    Mobile: 07783 417041
    Website: http://www.reproart.co.uk

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  • scattering-ashes.jpg

    Scattering Ashes

    Our aim is to have the best scattering ceremony for you, your friends and your family and to help you do it in a way that makes you happy and filled with confidence. They provide the services so that you can either scatter, bury or keep them depending on what you want to do.

    Location: The Chapel
    Telephone: 01392 58 10 12
    Website: http://www.scattering-ashes.co.uk

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  • simply-great-media.jpg

    Simply Great Media

    Simply Great Media have a broad range of skills, high tech equipment and associates available to deliver industry standard, end to end media-based projects. Their ‘people over profit’ ethos is aimed at enabling sustainable growth and the further development and advancement of their media centre of excellence.

    Location: The Green Rooms
    Telephone: 01626 840088
    Website: http://www.simplygreatmedia.co.uk

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  • thrive.jpg


    The Thrive Approach is a unique way of working with children and young people, supported by the latest advancements in neuroscience and attachment theory. By addressing challenging or distressed behaviours, we train adults to provide the framework to support social and emotional development, as well as a firm foundation for learning.

    Location: Upper North
    Telephone: 01392 797555
    Website: http://www.thriveapproach.com

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  • work-it.jpg

    Work it

    Small group fitness studio dedicated to personal service and care about your health and wellbeing.

    Location: The Gym, Lambert Building
    Telephone: 07875 366298
    Website: http://www.workit-uk.co.uk

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