The Thrive Approach is a unique way of working with children and young people, supported by the latest advancements in neuroscience and attachment theory. By addressing challenging or distressed behaviours, we train adults to provide the framework to support social and emotional development, as well as a firm foundation for learning.

The Thrive Approach is a specific way of working with all children and young people that supports healthy emotional and social development so that they are better able to deal with life’s ups and downs, engage with learning and maximise their opportunities.

Drawing from neuroscience, attachment theory and children development, sustainable and bespoke action plans can be generated for every child, especially those who may have struggled with challenging life events.

We provide a range of courses, targeted at anyone working alongside or caring for children or young people. These courses will equip Thrive Licensed Practitioners with a firm understanding of why children exhibit certain behaviours, and how they can work more productively with them, creating healthy relationships.