Music Industry

Venue Information

Our aim is to become THE venue of choice for promoters and booking agents when they think about venues to put their acts in when they come down to the South West of England. And importantly THE venue of choice for the music fans of the South West.

The campus has bedroom accommodation blocks. This can be used for all the band and touring staff, thereby reducing the need for costly hotel bills, and the very tiring travelling from the venue to a hotel. It also gives the chance for a relaxed drink after the performance. As we have a fully functional and well stocked Cafe Bistro Bar, that could be put aside for the band and crew after the show.

If you would be interested in booking the venues for your upcoming gigs, or wish to discuss ideas and options for use of the site in general (we have very spacious grounds and would be interested in talking about any festival opportunities/ideas), please phone Mark Turner on 01626 325894/07870873312 or Owen Hewitt on 07870873306.