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Self-Isolation and Spring Clear Out

There are 11,200 shops in the UK, which amounts to an astounding £29 million a week being raised for amazing causes with Dame Hannahs being one of them. Due to current Coronavirus epidemic we have had to cancel all of our fundraising activities for the balance of this year but you can still help us while we are gradually reopening our stores.

If you set aside your pre-loved items to donate once our shops have re-opened, they could be of use to someone else, and raise much-needed cash which we desperately need.

Please Do NOT leave donations on doorsteps as our staff are not able to take them in while our stores are closed, rendering them either ruined by the weather or stolen, and this would also be considered as fly-tipping by the local authorities.

In this era of self-isolation and home working, it is an opportune time to have a leisurely spring clean and declutter. As well as a good cathartic task, it may throw some opportunities for our charity retail.

One of the benefits of donating your pre-loved items is that it will raise money for good causes, which in these unprecedented times, is more important than ever. Staying home can be a great time to do a spring clean and declutter and set your items aside to take down to our charity shops when they are open.

Don’t know where to start with your clear out? Here are some top tips:

1. Organisation is the key
Write ‘Keep’, ‘Throw’ and ‘Donate’ on three pieces of paper and create clear piles of what you will keep, throw away (responsibly, of course!) and put aside to donate to charity.

2. Is it functional?
Ask yourself, does this item have a purpose? Is it useful in your everyday life? If not, consider whether it adds value in other ways. If it doesn’t, it could be time to set it aside.

3. Have you used/looked at/worn it in the last year?
We often keep things out of habit, and sometimes we simply stop ‘noticing’ items and objects because they have been there for so long. Be ruthless and take each item and really think, have you used/looked at/worn it in the last year? If the answer is ‘no’, then what are the chances that you will in the next year. Could this item be repurposed? Or given a new home?

4. Does it fit you?
It won’t be the first time, and it probably won’t be the last either, but sometimes we buy clothes that we promise ourselves to slim in to, and never actually get around to committing to it. These clothes remain unworn hanging in wardrobes for aeons. Give them a new lease of life, and let go of the guilt and pressure surrounding that particular item. Another slightly depressing wardrobe fact is that we naturally outgrow clothes as our bodies change shape with time. Try on your entire collection and see what comfortably fits – if there’s a few things which are a little too tight, or a little too big, consider altering them or adding them on the ‘donate’ pile.

5. Does it spark joy?
In Marie Kondo’s words, ‘does it give you that little spark of happiness?’ If the answer is ‘no’ then you know what to do!

6. Could it benefit someone else? Could someone else make use of it?
Take on another perspective when having a clear out – consider each item, and if you aren’t using/wearing it, could someone else? Is there any life/wear left in the item that someone else could enjoy?

When you do drop the items to our Charity Shops please ensure that all of your items are either bagged or boxed as our staff are not able to process them for 48 hours after they are donated so they can be kept safe from any potential hazards. Also check that your chosen shop is accepting donations. With teh delay in processing not all of teh shops will be able to take donations as usual due to storage space

Please also note that we are currently unable to arrange deliveries or collections so everything needs to be direct delivery in store.

3 Leypark Drive, Plymouth

Hannahs Charity Shop
3 Leypark Drive
Plymouth, PL6 8UD
01752 787753
Re-opening Monday 3 August
Reduced Opening: Monday - Friday, 10am-4pm

104 Embankment Road, Plymouth

Hannahs Charity Shop
104 Embankment Road
Plymouth, PL4 9HY
01752 265394
Currently Closed

21 Marlborough Street, Plymouth

Hannahs Charity Shop
21 Marlborough Street
Plymouth, PL1 4AE
01752 500155
Open Monday-Friday 10am-4pm

35-36 Fore Street, Ivybridge

Hannahs Charity Shop
35-36 Fore Street
PL21 9AE
01752 698249
Reduced Opening: Monday-Friday 10am-2pm

Transit Way, Plymouth

Hannahs Charity Shop
The Showroom
Transit Way
Plymouth, PL5 3TW
01752 784733
Reduced Opening: Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-4pm

6 Bank Street, Newton Abbot

Hannahs Charity Shop
6 Bank Street
Newton Abbot, TQ12 2JW
01626 368271
Currently Closed

34 Fore Street, Saltash

Hannahs Charity Shop
34 Fore Street
Cornwall, PL12 6JL
01752 847526
Reopening Tuesday 4 August
Reduced Opening: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm

11 Victoria Road, Plymouth

Hannahs Charity Shop
11 Victoria Road
St Budeaux
Plymouth, PL5 1RW
Reopening Wednesday 5 August
Reduced Opening: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm

If you would like to volunteer in one of our shops then please download a volunteer application form below and either post to:
Hannahs Charity Shops, Dame Hannah Rogers Trust, Woodland Road, Ivybridge, PL21 9HQ
or email
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