Generation H



Hannahs is looking to recruit five key individuals who can help support core areas of need within the Trust:

- Disability
- Technology
- Research/Development
- Commercial/Business
- Performance/Arts

Patrons will be highly regarded within their subject areas and have a strong national standing.

The role and responsibilities of a Hannahs Patron will include, but may not be limited to:

- Enhancing the status of Hannahs by their willingness to be publicly associated with the vision
- Add prestige and credibility to Hannahs through their areas of expertise
- Attend public events and on occasion be asked to participate, as appropriate
- The Patron would host an event on behalf of Hannahs at agreed times (eg, every two years)
- Generate media coverage, and be interviewed by the media, when appropriate
- Provide quotes for publications and online activity
- Offer support and guidance to develop, grow and enhance the work of Hannahs