My Hannahs Your Hannahs

Saturday 02 September 2017 - Sunday 01 October 2017 10:00am - 4:00pm The Gallery, Hannahs at Seale-Hayne

A collaborative project that has evolved out of a mentoring relationship between two painter's working at Hannah's, who are inspired by the landscape here at Seale-Hayne. Marcus Dill, a guest at Hannah's and Gavin Blench, mentor to Marcus and an artist in residence. The two have been working together once every week for over a year. This section of the gallery represents their individual response to the wonderful views in and from the site here at Seale-Hayne and the Lemon Valley that surrounds it. Often painting from the same locations but each expressing their own creative response to where they are.

Each person that works, volunteers or visits here regularly has a unique set of reference points that they notice and connect to (in this case visual). Their own little corner of Hannah's the place, that is both physical but at the same time a cherished place in their day to day lives.

With Gavin's guidance and assistance from both himself and from his support worker Jon, Marcus has continued to to pursue and develop his passion for painting. Marcus displays a great talent in his application of paint, a style that is intrinsically linked to his movement (he has cerebral palsey) and an instinctive knowledge of colour placement that makes his work fresh and exciting.