McCauley Bradley

Thursday 26 August

McCauley is 24 years old and has been a volunteer in the Dame Hannahs Transit Way warehouse since 2019. When he started working for Dame Hannahs he was given odd jobs to do in the warehouse but over the last two years he has grown in confidence and has gradually been given more responsibility. He is now in charge of his own area, the clothing department, which involves both sorting clothes as well as keeping the area stocked. He has worked hard and really developed into his current role while all the time managing his autism and anxiety.

A typical day for McCauley involves taking clothes that have been donated to Dame Hannahs, sorting them into orderly piles and then putting them on the correct shelves. He also looks out for designer clothes that can be resold on ebay to raise further funds for the charity.

McCauley said “I like the calm atmosphere of the warehouse and enjoy working on my own. I have also enjoyed making friends with other volunteers and staff”.

Daniel Burke, Head of Fundraising and Retail Operations at Dame Hannahs, said “It has been wonderful to see McCauley develop from a quiet and insular individual into the confident and chatty young man he is today. When he first started he would carry out odd jobs around the warehouse but now he has taken full responsibility for the separation and storage of our clothing department. He is extremely diligent in the tasks he undertakes and very observant to ensure that only the best of the stock is kept. It has been lovely to see McCauley become a fully integrated and much loved member of the team”.

When he is not volunteering at the warehouse McCauley is busy with his autism group. This is a social group for young people with autism aged 16 and over and McCauley is a committee member. On Tuesdays the group meets at the Oasis Café in Stonehouse where they play games and socialise. He is able to contribute by purchasing games at the Dame Hannahs shop in Transit Way. Sunday is his day off when he enjoys quality time to himself and doing his favourite hobbies which are arts and crafts. He lives in Ernesettle with his mum and two of his sisters.