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Welcome to Dame Hannahs a place of true integration, fun and learning!

Our mission is to empower, advocate and enrich the lives of young adults with a range of disabilities.

Core values

The relief of people in need by reason of disability, by the inclusive provision of care, advocacy, integration, learning, training and other support services with a preference given to those who are, or whose parents or guardians are, resident in Devon or Cornwall;

To advance education and understanding relating to the care, training and development of persons with disabilities and their integration into wider society, in particular by:

i.  the provision of training and learning opportunities for the families, carers and associated professionals of people with disabilities supported by the Charity in order to help develop their individual capabilities, competencies, and skills; and

ii. the provision of information, support and learning opportunities to the public including promoting research and disseminating the useful results

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    Our history

    Dame Hannahs was founded in 1767 through the generous £10,000 legacy of Dame Hannah Rogers – the wife of a Plymouth MP – who had a passion for working with children. Although our proud history has been varied, the aim has been simple: to help enrich and empower the lives of children and adults in need.

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    The need

    In just five years the number of children with disabilities has risen by 20% to 900,000. The number of children with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD), aged 10-14yrs, has also increased; at three times that rate! Of the UK’s population 20% of children and adults live with a disability, 7% of which are diagnosed with PMLD. The facts are staggering but it’s the awareness of them that is profound. Cultural acceptance has long been the failing transmitter but it’s time the airwaves were open and social change inspired; the needs and voice of our nation living with disabilities must be heard!

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    Work for us

    Join our dedicated and highly trained team of staff who help our young people to grow and learn with confidence and freedom.

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  • Contact us

    If you would like to get in touch, support, or volunteer, we would love to hear from you.

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