Alfie is 27 years old and started living in the Mews at Dame Hannahs when he was 19. Alfie has a complex medical condition including Congenital Hydrocephalus, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, severe developmental delay and learning difficulties and severe visual impairment.

Alfie is the eldest of five children. He has three brothers and a sister. Like most children, when they become adults they tend to go off to college or university so Dame Hannahs was the next step for Alfie. It was the only place his parents considered for him to go because it is close to home and they had the facilities which best catered for Alfie's needs. Alfie loves any holistic therapies such as touch therapy, rebound therapy, hydrotherapy and especially music and the louder the better. Dame Hannahs offered all of these.

Dame Hannahs Deputy Manager Julie Goodwin: “As Alfie is blind, sounds are really important in his daily life. He really enjoys listening to music and he really likes being out and about listening to all sounds such as people talking, dogs barking, trees rustling. He also really enjoys hydrotherapy sessions as he loves the sensation of being in the pool. It is lovely for him to use his other senses in the pool. He can feel the warm water, hear the sound echo and smell the chlorine. He tips his head right back and splashes gently and seems to enjoy the drips on his face.”

Alfie’s mum Donna: “Initially Alfie stayed weekdays only at Dame Hannahs and came home every weekend. As time went by we decided it was best for Alfie to stay full time. Dame Hannahs has changed our lives massively, giving us the opportunity of being able to enjoy holidays without worrying and without the pressure of his full time care.

Dame Hannahs is the most fantastic place and we will be forever grateful to the staff past and present who have made it Alfie’s home. He is settled and happy there and has a huge family around him who give him the most amazing support and care. We love to visit Alfie but find it quite emotional.
Alfie is the most gentle, sweet, loving young man who is adored by his family and it was really quite emotional and difficult when Alfie first left home. Making decisions on his behalf and letting him go was the hardest thing ever. I don’t think anyone can truly understand how this feels unless they have faced these challenges”.