Andrew is 34 years old and has been at Dame Hannahs for over 16 years. He has cerebral palsy after being born ten weeks early and weighing only two and a half pounds.

His mother Hilary reflects on his time at Dame Hannahs:
“When Andrew was nearing leaving school in Plymouth I wanted to find him another educational setting that offered him exciting opportunities, a peer group, onsite medical care and plenty of outside trips and activities. It was also extremely important that Andrew felt happy and fulfilled and that it was close to home with an open door policy. After a two-day trial stay for us both we knew that Dame Hannahs fitted the bill perfectly.

Not only is Andrew confident with the support he receives but I am too, which is vital. He loves the comings and goings within the bungalow (being nosy) and has great fun and close friendships with the staff and other housemates. He is also their best and loudest bingo caller!

Dame Hannahs has served us so well on all fronts, Andrew has the best of all worlds, time at home and access to hydro, music, speech and physio all under one roof when at Dame Hannahs. All this has seen him thrive as an adult. He is treated as an individual with his own likes and dislikes taken into account and all successes championed. Apart from the Covid period Andrew has been coming home every other weekend with little exception which is great fun for us both.

There have been lots of changes in staff and types of courses and activities offered during Andrew’s time at Dame Hannahs. However he has always remained a happy individual and has a fairly confident side to him because he knows that people will do their best to listen to him. Andrew always has his name down for everything, not wanting to miss a trick. I feel that Andrew has benefitted greatly being at Dame Hannahs and neither of us has ever had any regrets which says a lot. Upwards and onwards for Dame Hannahs!”