Graham Pennack

Graham started volunteering as a driver for Dame Hannahs in 2018. Over the last five years he has become a much valued member of the Dame Hannahs family. He has taken the adults on numerous trips around Devon as well as helping out in many other ways at our Ivybridge site.

Before starting as a volunteer, Graham worked as a lecturer in vehicle engineering at City College Plymouth. While there he worked closely with young people with learning disabilities as well as working with special schools. One day a week he used to take the young people out on activity days. When he retired in 2006 he initially volunteered for Plymouth Community Homes doing a range of jobs. However he had always had an affinity with young people with disabilities so he searched online for other volunteering opportunities and discovered Dame Hannahs.

Although he has been volunteering as a driver for the last five years, Graham is always happy to help out in other ways whether it be reading stories, playing his guitar or just sitting with the adults when the staff are particularly busy. He regularly drives one young lady to horse riding and has taken the adults on trips all over Devon ranging from various beaches to Paignton Zoo.

“I have always had an affinity with young people with disabilities so was keen to help out in some way and I was keen to find a local charity so that I could give something back. I really enjoy being at Dame Hannahs and am just happy to help in whichever way I can. I have got to know so many of the adults over five years and they definitely recognise me. I feel both privileged and happy to be part of a wonderful charity.”