Hannah first joined Dame Hannahs in 2006 when she started in our school aged 10. She had a happy few years in school and then aged 19 she moved to Adult Services in Hannahwood. Since then she has been living in Marchesi bungalow with a close group of friends most of whom she has known for several years as they were at school together. Hannah’s parents live nearby so they are able to visit regularly and take her home for visits too.

Since moving to Dame Hannahs from mainstream school, Hannah’s mobility and behaviour has improved significantly. She moved from using a manual to a power wheelchair quite quickly and her behaviour became much calmer. Her communication skills have also improved and she now loves using photo books to chat to friends and family, as well as her talker. She loves taking funny photos of herself too. People who know her well can also tell what she wants through her body language.

Hannah likes listening to music, reading books and watching videos and slapstick comedy on television. She loves going to the theatre, shopping for clothes and jewellery, travelling on holiday, riding on her three-wheel bike, going sailing and on adventures with Minnie the dog. Hannah is also a keen baker and uses the kitchen in her bungalow regularly to bake cakes as well as help prepare other favourite dishes such as Spanish omelette, Spaghetti Carbonara and pizza. Hannah is a happy member of her group and laughs a lot!

Kim Antonio: “Hannah is happy and content and is valued as a person which is really important. She lives in an environment where she can make choices which she loves. She likes people and definitely has her favourites! We have always encouraged her to try everything. I think Hannah really likes life”.