Rachel joined Dame Hannahs School in 2017 aged 17 where she spent two years before moving onto our Adult Services Provision. She has a rare genetic condition called KAT6B and profound and multiple learning disabilities.

Now aged 23, Rachel lives in Gilleys bungalow with a close-knit group of friends. Before she started at Dame Hannahs she attended Trengweath School in Plymouth until it closed. At the time of the closure her parents knew all about Dame Hannahs but, despite their campaigning, they were told she was too young to start at our school. She consequently went to Woodlands School where she stayed until she was 16.

Rachel is a very friendly and sociable person. She loves people and therefore living in a bungalow with friends really suits her. There are certain friends like James and Michelle whom she particularly likes and frequently reacts to them with big smiles. She has also built up good relationships with key members of the care staff.

She really enjoys exercise such as hydrotherapy and rebound and she loves music. She also loves going out and about whether it is on the main City Bus or the Dame Hannahs minibus. She loves going to Plymouth to watch the boats coming and going or to the Aquarium, or just walking in to Ivybridge. As her family home is in the middle of nowhere on Bodmin Moor she loves the contrast of being in a busy town and being surrounded by people.

She also enjoys her routine of going to ROC College twice a week and is now in her second year. On Monday she goes to the college in Totnes for interactive sessions in Drama and Music while on Wednesday the tutor comes to Ivybridge to do community activities with her.

Rachel’s parents are about to move to Ivybridge so that they can spend time with Rachel more easily. She has two brothers who live in Eastbourne and Callington.