Lloyds team volunteer at Dame Hannahs

Wednesday 20 July 2022

A group from Lloyds Bank spent a day volunteering at Dame Hannahs this week. The volunteers, who are based in Plymouth and Ivybridge, were from the Devon and Cornwall Commercial Team, supporting local businesses across the area.

Sam Husbands from Lloyds looks after the Dame Hannahs account and approached the Finance Director at the Trust about getting involved in some way. Sam said “It was great for the Lloyds team to spend the day helping out at Dame Hannahs. They offer such vital support in the development and care of their young adults. With the sector under continuing pressure their services to the local community are needed more than ever. We were happy to help in a small way to ensure they can continue to offer their facilities to help as many people as they can”.

Dame Hannahs Site Maintenance Manager, Simon Richardson, said “I would like to say a big thank you to the Lloyds team who came to help us. They have done an amazing job clearing some pathways and painting the hallway in one of our bungalows to a really good standard. They were a joy to have on site. With their help we are one step closer to making the site a better place to live for our adults”.