Hannahs Newsletter July 2020

Friday 17 July 2020

A special message from David Coslett, Chair of Trustees:

As the national Coronavirus situation eases we hope everyone is getting more confident about doing that little bit more. Here at Dame Hannahs we remain cautious and careful – doing all we can to ensure we stay safe and keep our residents safe and secure – as well as happy! Staff across the organisation have been superb. Selfless, dedicated, professional. On behalf of the Trust and School Governors I want to say an enormous thank you to everyone. I know at times it’s been very difficult. Especially for those affected by the decision to withdraw from our work with younger children. As we say goodbye to the children and staff at the end of July, I want to especially thank everyone in Children’s Services, including our school, for their dedication and hard work over the years. You have helped make Dame Hannahs what it is today – and all the young people who have transferred to our Adult Care setting over very many years – four very recently – as well as those who have moved to other places – will always be grateful for the care, education and support you have given them. It has been extraordinary.
At Dame Hannahs we have provided exceptional care and education for children with the most complex and profound needs and have supported them to live happy and fulfilled lives. We have seen hundreds of children thrive in our school and children’s home. We are proud that this charity has supported children for over 260 years and, as patterns of children’s care change and develop across the country, Dame Hannahs can be very proud of what it has achieved – thanks to our staff.
I would like to wish our children and staff who are leaving us all the best for the future. Our Adult Services care will continue and, we hope, thrive over the coming years and our charity shops will slowly return to normal. Those staff who continue to work across the Trust will carry out their duties with their usual care and dedication as we maintain Dame Hannahs' reputation as a beacon of best practice here in the South West.
Again, a huge thank you to all.