Hannahs artist and guest join forces for Art Exhibition

Tuesday 01 August 2017

For over a year Gavin has been mentoring Marcus and they have been painting their favourite views at and around Seale-Hayne. This collaborative project evolved out of the mentoring relationship between the two painters who work at Seale-Hayne and are inspired by the landscape there. Their exhibition represents their individual responses to the wonderful views around Seale-Hayne and the surrounding Lemon Valley. They often painted from the same locations but each expressed their own creative response to where they were.

With guidance and assistance from Gavin and from his support worker Jon, Marcus has continued to pursue and develop his passion for painting. Marcus displays a great talent in his application of paint, a style that is intrinsically linked to his movement, due to his Cerebral Palsy, and an instinctive knowledge of colour placement that makes his work fresh and exciting.

Gavin, who has Multiple Sclerosis, said “Working with Marcus has been so much fun and he has influenced me in his boldness of approach to painting and his passion for colour. Hannahs is such a special, beautiful and lively environment to work in. I love having a studio here and as an artist with a disability, being here has transformed not only my working practice but my life too”.

Marcus said “I've had fun painting for this project. I really like painting outside the views from Hannahs especially. You can see all the way to the seaside from here and the horticulture area is a good place to paint from. We even went to the top of the hill behind Hannahs where you can see all around and there is a great tree. We took a lot of photos so I could work in the art room when it rains. I like having a good laugh with everyone in the art room and talking to people about my art. I like to use my imagination too so my style of painting adds the imagination to what I'm looking at and I chose the places to paint where I could use my imagination. I have been painting seriously now for about three years and I use good paints now so the colours are brighter”.