Newton Abbot League of Friends donates over £19,000 to Hannahs

Friday 23 March 2018

The League of Friends of the Newton Abbot Hospitals has donated £19,732 to Hannahs and recently visited Hannahs at Seale-Hayne to see the projects that their generous donation is going to support.

The League of Friends is a charity that is interested in the advancement of health or saving lives and makes grants to organisations such as Hannahs. They chose Hannahs as one of their aims is to support people with disabilities and to fund equipment.

Their fantastic donation has helped to fund equipment that will make a huge difference to the lives of all the people that access the facilities at Hannahs at Seale Hayne. The equipment includes wheelchair clamps, a shower trolley and hoisting turntable, a new fully accessible hoist changing room, a mobile hoist for Hannahs accessible accommodation and a defibrillator.

The wheelchair clamps are essential to ensure safe travel and will enable many more young people to get out and about and enjoy more activities and trips across Devon and a better quality of life. A shower trolley and hoisting turntable in the hydrotherapy pool at Seale-Hayne will enable more people with limited mobility to benefit from the therapeutic advantages offered. Hydrotherapy is a much-needed facility as it provides a sense of freedom, exercise and for some, effective pain relief. A mobile hoist for the Seale-Hayne accommodation will make it possible for more people with disabilities to use the unique fully accessible accommodation in a fully inclusive community, and a defibrillator for the Seale-Hayne site is essential to save lives.

Hannahs Head of Fundraising, Hayley Dann, said: “We were extremely delighted upon receiving notification of this wonderful donation and it was an absolute pleasure showing the friends around our Seale Hayne site today. The difference that their generosity is making and will continue to make for many years is immense. Of the UK’s population, 20% of children and adults live with a disability and that figure continues to grow. Our hydrotherapy suite is fully booked every single week with demand growing year on year. We would not be able to provide the facilities, support and care for hundreds of people every year if it wasn’t for the generosity of our local community and so we are very grateful for this donation.”