Access All Aerials DJs celebrate

Wednesday 28 November 2018

After a successful five years, AAA now boasts 40 DJs who present 28 shows between them and now receives 231,000 listens and has 1500 followers. About the Anniversary and Awards celebrations, Jacqueline Edwards from AAA said “It was an amazing evening celebrating our unique and special radio station and recognising the achievements of our DJs”.

Award winner Georgy Tubb aka DJ Tubbster, said “I feel really proud to have received two awards and that people from all over the world are listening to my show”.

Among the awards were Best Special Entertainment – Roland Crow, Best Female presenter – Nicola Roberts and Georgy Tubb, Best Male Presenter – Chris Bowden, Best Overall Presenter – Anna Todd, Best Newcomer – Anthony Shute, Most Improved – Lawrence Proc and Outstanding Team Members – Jacqueline and Kristy Edwards.