Board statement concerning restructuring and sale of Seale-Hayne site

Wednesday 12 December 2018

Board Statement concerning restructuring and sale of Seale-Hayne site.

Since purchasing Seale-Hayne in 2009 for £3.2million, the charity has invested more than one million pounds on improving the site including repair and maintenance, as well as developing social and commercial enterprises such as the Bistro café and health and wellbeing centre.

Chair of Trustees, Professor David Coslett said: “We are saddened that we have had to make the decision to sell Seale-Hayne. We appreciate the hard work and commitment of all involved, especially staff and volunteers who have worked tirelessly over the past 18 months to try and make Seale-Hayne financially viable. Unfortunately the high running costs and forecast further losses have led to the decision to prepare the site for sale.”

Professor Coslett continued: “We will continue to concentrate our efforts on the charity’s ongoing services for vulnerable clients at Ivybridge.”

Up to 50 independent tenant businesses operate from the historic quadrangle and surrounding areas, and the Trust will continue to support these business. The Trust provides services at its Ivybridge site for children and adults with profound physical and learning difficulties.