Success for Hannahs Charity Shops in Annual Survey

Wednesday 06 February 2019

Hannahs is one of the leaders in a national survey of charity shops published by Civil Society and supported by the Charity Retail Association. The definitive annual survey of the charity retail market shows that after two years of declining profitability across the sector there has been a significant increase in profitability this year.

A total of 71 charities with 6482 shops from all over the UK, including 451 in the South West, took part in the survey. Hannahs features alongside major national charities such as the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research and Oxfam. Hannahs first shop opened in Ivybridge in 1988 and we now have eight shops in Ivybridge, Newton Abbot, Plymouth and Saltash.

In the survey Hannahs charity shops came top in the Non-Hospice Profitability category with a 39.3% profit margin and third in the Highest Weekly Profit per shop for Non-Hospice charities with 10 shops or less. The charity ranked seventh in the Volunteers section with Hannahs volunteers averaging 8.3 hours each a week as opposed to the national average of 6.1 hours. With regards to salaries Hannahs manages to spend only 19.8% of income on staff as opposed to the top 15 charities spending a minimum of 33% on staffing.

Daniel Burke, Hannahs Head of Fundraising, said “For the seventh year running our local charity Hannahs has outranked many national charities in the latest annual Charity Shops Survey. This has only been possible through the ongoing support of our hardworking and dedicated volunteers and staff without whom this could not be achieved. It is really encouraging to see the Charity Retail sector booming despite the national High Street decline.”

Kathy Gowland is Manager of our shop in Newton Abbot and once a week her mother Sue works in the shop as a volunteer.