Hannah tells us her latest news

Tuesday 08 June 2021

Hannah Lavell joined Dame Hannahs in February 2016 and has been living in Marchesi bungalow 52 weeks a year ever since. Her move to Dame Hannahs transformed her life opening up so many opportunities and enabling her to get involved in a wide variety of projects and activities as well as establishing good friendships.

Hannah tells us her latest news and what she has been up to during the pandemic:

“I am now 30 years old. For the last five years since March 2016 I have been working with the Funky Llama project within the Theatre Royal Plymouth. We hold annual events every year, including a one-day festival. This is usually held in the summer and a club night held in the autumn. We also do regular social events for our members group which usually happens once a month at different locations around the local area. Due to recent times and the pandemic we’ve had to postpone our events and make everything virtual via Zoom meetings. Even though this has been different it’s still meant people can stay connected and keep their relationships they have built up with their peers. The festival will be returning as of Halloween weekend this year, for a two-day extravaganza event. It will be held at Central Park within a big top tent. Funky Llama will be sharing the big top tent with another database company called Extraordinary Bodies, who I have also been working with over the last couple of months. Extraordinary bodies have been working with three different regions around the country to put on a performance which will be showcased in the big top tent as well although not within Funky Llama. I have been privileged to be part of all this and can’t wait to see the finished product come together. Extraordinary Bodies will be hoping to physically meet with everyone in October at some point.

As for my Funky Llama projects within Dame Hannahs, I have been working with the team to bring creative packages to all the clients in all the bungalows. I have been overseeing this weekly by delivering the packages with instructions and materials. This seems to have been very well received by everyone and I have enjoyed seeing some of the creations come to life. This is a 10 week project I now think we’re halfway through. This will enable everybody to get in the mood for the festival and then events beyond.

I also run my own radio show which I have been doing since 2018. It’s a great way to showcase all my community work and let everybody know what I have been up to. This is one of my favourite activities to participate in. As it is my dream career, I pride myself on playing good music and being able to give facts about the artist who I play. That seems to be my trademark. I have done a few radio shows throughout the pandemic however the atmosphere isn’t the same as in the studio. So I can’t wait to get back in the radio studio to do things in the proper manner.

As for the pandemic itself it has been a tricky time for me as it has for everyone. I have been keeping myself positive by re-finding my love of art. I have particularly found a love for tie-dye. I love all aspects of art and have been particularly following Grayson Perry and Bob Ross. I think art has been a great form of escapism from the circumstances of the current world. I have also been really enjoying a lot of reading and listening to audiobooks. My favourite genre is autobiography and biography and I have also revisited the Harry Potter audiobooks read by Stephen Fry. I have always enjoyed my sport. Tennis is my absolute favourite and I love to watch it on television and I do especially love to see it live so this is something I hope to pursue again after the pandemic.

I have also been keeping up with my therapies to keep my fitness going and my mind active. This includes standing in my frame. Using an electric cycling machine called a Theara Trainer. This has been particularly good for my body’s well-being as a whole. I can now do an hour on this machine, within which I can do a distance of 5.5 miles. I want to raise some money for some of the equipment that people can use outside in the gardens by doing this. This is an opportunity I’m looking forward to as it will not just benefit myself but also others. With summer coming up this will be a great thing to do. I am working with Bex Marshall to do this."