Hannahs Gin for Sale

Thursday 19 October 2017

Hannahs Gin was launched last week and is now for sale at Seale-Hayne. We have teamed up with Devon Distillery to distill our own limited edition gin and to raise money for the charity. The distillery’s sister company, Still on the Move, spent the day at Seale-Hayne with their mobile still called Prosperity that sits on the back of a 1973 VW named Ginny. Visitors watched the first bottles of gin being distilled.

Hannahs Gin promises to be very tasty and will make the perfect Christmas tipple or present. The ingredients include Juniper, Angelica, Orris, Liquorice, Cardamon, Coriander, Grains of Paradise, Pink Peppercorns, Orange and Hannahs very own Chuckleberries grown at Seale-Hayne.

There will be a limited edition of only 140 bottles which will be on sale at Hannahs Christmas Fayre on November 10/11 and in the Gift Shop at Seale-Hayne. Visitors can also enjoy a gin cocktail in Hannahs Bistro over the festive period.

Hannahs Director of Social Enterprise, Hannah Moon, said “ We wanted to produce something a bit special this year to celebrate our 250th anniversary, and we thought limited edition Hannahs Gin which had subtle flavours from our home grown chuckleberries would be a bit different, make lovely presents and all in time for the run up to Christmas. Every bottle that is sold will help raise funds that will go back to Dame Hannahs”.

Hannahs Gin will be for sale at £32 a bottle.