Hannahs hosts Japanese Day at Seale-Hayne

Monday 24 September 2018

Hannahs hosted a wonderful and unique Japanese Day at Seale-Hayne recently. Over 200 people enjoyed a Japanese fashion show, dance and music display, drumming performance, tea ceremony and tattoo art.

The Usaato Fashion Show featured stunning designs by internationally acclaimed designer Usaburo Sato who has had catwalk shows across the USA and Europe.. He uses Usaato fabrics which are created from high quality cotton, hemp and silk coloured with natural dyes. This amazing fashion show featured traditional Japanese music and dance and a video on how the clothing is made.

There was also a traditional Japanese tea ceremony and a performance by drummers from Kagemusha Taiko who invited visitors to take part. Internationally acclaimed and award winning tattoo artist Aaron Willett exhibited a selection of his designs and artwork. Aaron is renowned for his use of traditional techniques and Japanese folklore characters.

Hannahs Head of Marketing, Rebecca Bowen-Keay, said “We were delighted to welcome so many visitors to this fascinating weekend of Japanese culture at Seale-Hayne”.