At Hannahs we know learning and development is achieved through all kinds of formal and informal activities, both indoor and outdoors. Our staff expertise, and the funds we get from Hannahs supporters, has allowed us to evolve far beyond education and care. At Hannahs we recognise the developmental importance of therapies and activity sessions; including hydrotherapy, art and archery. People of all ages and abilities learn new skills and discover talents by taking part in adventurous outdoor pursuits.

The confidence children, young people and adults gain from taking on challenges and achieving them is invaluable. By taking part in a music workshop or playing archery, anyone of any ability will Our outdoor pursuits take place in the stunning countryside on the hills above Newton Abbot, which can be accessed by wheelchair users. We want it to be a fun and sociable experience with personal development and rehabilitation taking place right under your nose! It’s about building self-confidence, gaining independence and making new friends.