Health & Wellbeing

Trust Sick Pay

The Trust recognise that all of its colleagues will be affected by illness from time to time which impacts our ability to attend work. The Trust offers generous company sick pay which colleagues are entitled to on completion of 12 months of service:

Length of Service

Contractual Company Sick Pay

12 – 24 months

Up to one week’s full pay and one week’s half pay

25 – 36 months

Up to two week’s full pay and two week’s half pay

37 – 48 months

Up to 1 month’s full pay and 1 month’s half pay

49 – 60 months

Up to 2 month’s full pay and 2 month’s half pay

61 – 72 months

Up to 3 month’s full pay and 3 month’s half pay

73 months onwards

Up to 4 month’s full pay and 4 month’s half pay

Medical Appointments

The Trust understand that colleagues may need to attend medical appointments. Colleagues must try to make appointments for the Doctor or Dentist outside working hours, except in an emergency. Any appointments during work time should be made at the beginning or end of the working day or during lunch breaks as far as possible.

24 hour employee assistance scheme

The Trust provides a free and confidential 24/7/365 advice, information and counselling service through its partner – Education Support Partnership. Advisers can give practical support for a range of issues that may impact colleagues such as legal guidance, financial guidance, stress or relationships. They operate a telephone system or colleagues can access their services online if they prefer.