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At Hannahs your money really does help to transform lives. Your continued support and fundraising efforts make it possible to keep up the high level of care and support Hannahs offers through Hannahs at Ivybridge and Hannahs at Seale-Hayne. The money you raise helps us to buy vital equipment, and extend our facilities and services. We are a charity with a well-deserved reputation for excellence when it comes to caring, learning and development. With the purchase of Seale-Hayne, many of our ideas about a society where disability is incidental are turning into a reality!

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    At Hannahs your gift will make a huge difference to helping Hannahs realise our vision. The money you give helps us to buy vital equipment, and extend our facilities and services. Every year we need to raise over a million pounds to help us achieve our goals; as a charity with big ambitions, your gift makes a huge difference.

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    There are lots of ways that you can get involved by fundraising for us. Whether you are an individual looking to take on a challenge, a corporate group wanting to support us or a local community group there is something for everyone!

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    Charity shops

    Help support hannahs by donating to and visiting our charity shops all over Devon.

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    Win £25,000 and many other prizes every week just by showing us your support…

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Dame Hannah Rogers Charity

It's our 250th anniversary

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