We believe that physiotherapy is crucial to a person's life here at Dame Hannahs. We support them in physical activity and adjustments to posture, comfort and motor skills enabling the person to access life and be able to live it to the fullest.

We are specialists in postural management and have the knowledge and facilities to ensure that the person is as comfortable as possible whether sitting, standing or lying down. We provide assessments to support and maximise mobility.

Each person will have access to a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and speech & language therapist (funding applies) who will work closely with the nursing, care and education teams.

Our physiotherapy team is able to offer a wide range of physical activities including;

  • Hydrotherapy - Dame Hannahs has its very own on site hydrotherapy pool and regular sessions will form part of the person's therapy plan. Benefits include relaxing and decreasing high tone and spasticity.
  • Rebound therapy - Dame Hannahs trained staff can provide rebound sessions to focus on core stability, strength and posture.
  • Management and maintenance of orthopaedic and spinal issues. Regular clinics are held at Dame Hannahs.
  • Input to the multi disciplinary orthotic clinics also held at Dame Hannahs.
  • Therapeutic horse riding - we work closely with a local RDA registered stables to provide access to horse riding.
  • Standing frames are used to provide strength and allow stretching.

Dame Hannahs also works closely with wheelchair services to advise on the needs of our residents.

Dame Hannahs physiotherapy team also provide training for hydrotherapy, rebound therapy and respiratory needs to other members of staff so it can form a larger part of an individual’s activity plan for maximum benefit.