Combine the most exciting moment of your life whilst raising money for Dame Hannahs! Jumping at 15,000 ft in tandem, the highest altitude in the world without needing extra o2, you will experience speeds of an adrenaline pumping 120mph while freefalling up to two miles! Fancy giving it a go? Click the link below to find out more and sign up.

Skydive for Free if you raise over £395.00

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Why should I Skydive and fundraise for Dame Hannahs?

With your support in raising money, our young adults just like you can experience independence, happiness and a life-line beyond their disability. With your help, everyone can have the chance to take part in experiences that many of us take for granted like riding a bike, making new friends and learning new skills. The money you raise by doing a skydive will pay for a young adult with disabilities to take part in an activity such as pottery, animal care or theatre for more than a whole week!

What will I experience on the skydive?

You will be jumping in tandem at an incredible 15,000ft, the highest possible jump without an oxygen supply. As you exit the aircraft you will experience speeds of up to 120 mph as the adrenaline rushes over you for up to a full minute, freefalling up to 2 miles! As the canopy unfolds, you will drift back to the ground and enjoy the incredible views all the way to the sea, lasting up to 5 minutes before you reach the ground.

How much does the Skydive cost?

You can Skydive for free if you raise the minimum sponsorship of £395.00. All you need to do is pay the £50.00 deposit towards your jump to book your place. A Skydive normally costs £200.00 meaning that half the money that you raise will go to |Dame Hannahs and half will cover the cost of your jump. We ask people to pay as much as they are able towards the jump cost so that as much money as possible goes to support those who need it most at Dame Hannahs.

How will I raise all that money?

Don’t worry, we will help you every step of the way with your fundraising. Contact us for a fundraising pack that gives you lots of tips. From raffles and quiz nights to online sponsorship pages, you’ll reach your target in no time!

When and where are the jumps taking place?

Skydives take place at Dunkeswell Airfield near Exeter with a company called Skydive Buzz UK and you can book your jump at a time that suits you. Alternatively, join our Dame Hannahs jump dates to jump with other Dame Hannahs Fundraisers. It’s great fun to jump together with other fundraisers and useful too for lift- shares!

How do I book a jump?

Click here to book your jump with Skydive Buzz UK

I have medical needs or a disability, can I still do a skydive for Dame Hannahs?

We have seen people with a range of abilities brave the sky’s for Dame Hannahs so you might be surprised at the opportunities for skydiving available. If you have a disability or medical needs, Skydive Buzz UK will advise that you consult with your doctor and they will need to sign and stamp a BP medical form in order for you to jump. Check the skydive Buzz UK website to find out more about their policy click here