Dominic is 31 years old and has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He started at Dame Hannahs school in Ivybridge in 2006 and then three years later he moved on to Hannahwood, our young adult provision.

Dominic lives in Hayward bungalow with a small group of friends and support workers. He is a very popular and enthusiastic member of the Dame Hannahs family and is always keen to join in all the activities.

Our adults are very lucky as there are so many fun and diverse activities on offer. Dominic loves playing Boccia, a precision ball sport for people with disabilities, as well as tennis and yoga. He has always enjoyed being a presenter on Hannahwood Radio, a regular show now recorded in the Access All Aerials studio at CEDA in Exeter. He also really enjoys socialising with his friends and going out on trips whether it is a lads’ night out to Burrator Reservoir or a quiz night in Hannahwood. Thanks to the Horizons Sailing Charity, he has become very keen on sailing and he is an avid England Rugby fan.

Dominic has two sisters Harriet and Charlotte as well as his nieces and nephew with whom he loves spending time. He goes home to Somerset every fortnight and really enjoys joining in all the family activities but he is always happy to return to his other home in Hannahwood.

Mum Tina: “Dominic’s life at Dame Hannahs has enabled him to grow up in ways that he would never have experienced in a life with us however much we love him! For that and the continued support Dominic receives, we are truly grateful.”