Maya Rijo

Maya started as a support worker at Dame Hannahs in April 2023 when she moved to England from Kerala in Southern India. She works in The Mews and mainly supports Katy, Daisy and Helen.

Having worked for 13 years as an ICU nurse in India, Maya heard about the job at Dame Hannahs through an agency in England. She applied to work in the care sector but did not know where in England she might end up. Having been interviewed by Dame Hannahs staff online, she was offered the job and was soon boarding a flight to England with a group of other Indian support workers.

Maya said:
“From the start we were all looked after very well by Allie in HR and Dame Hannahs arranged our accommodation which really helped. I flew over from India with a group of women whom I had never met before but we soon got to know each other and became friends. I had to start working in care rather than continue in nursing as I needed to gain experience in England, improve my English and pass a language test.

I was very nervous when I first started as it is a very different culture to India but I stayed strong. The young adults I work with are lovely and I have enjoyed getting to know them. I am learning new things every day and working out the best way of communicating with them along with their habits and routine. I enjoy taking the adults out but so far I have mostly spent time walking around the grounds and Ivybridge but I am looking forward to doing more trips further away.

I knew very little English when I arrived but luckily I picked it up quickly and can now understand everything. I have many friends in India who are keen to come to England and work at Dame Hannahs too. I was so pleased when my husband and two daughters came to join me in October and we all now live together in Plymouth. In my spare time I am mainly busy with my children but I also like listening to music.”