Muhammad Atif

Muhammad started as our new Physiotherapist in November 2023 having recently moved from his home country of Pakistan. Before applying for the job he had heard about Dame Hannahs from the locals in Plymouth, many of whom know about the charity.

In Pakistan Muhammad was working at the Holistic Cure Clinic in Lahore as a Senior Physiotherapist. Having gained his Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy, he accumulated a lot of first-hand experience working in hydrotherapy, rebound therapy. hippotherapy and management of long-term conditions. He is also certified in acupuncture therapy for pain management.

Since starting at Dame Hannahs Muhammad has been developing each of the adults’ individual therapy plans, updating them and creating log sheets to help the support staff. With plans in place he has been able to delegate the therapies to his team as well as some of the support staff. He has had to focus on manual handling and slings more than he did in Pakistan.

Muhammad is from Lahore and moved to Plymouth in September as his wife had been awarded a scholarship to study for a Masters in Advanced Practice in Physiotherapy at Plymouth University. They already had a lot of friends from Pakistan living in the UK but they were the first to move to Plymouth. In his spare time Muhammad enjoys doing athletic activities such as mixed martial arts, hiking and adventures.

“The first few weeks at Dame Hannahs have been amazing. The staff have been very helpful and supportive throughout. The team is a blessing as I have really needed their input. I have also really enjoyed getting to know the adults and every day is different which I didn’t believe at first. I have to adapt every day as things crop up but I like the challenges.”