Millie joined Dame Hannahs in February 2024 and lives in Marchesi bungalow. She is 22 years old and has Cerebral Palsy.

Before joining Dame Hannahs Millie went to Vance House school in Exeter until the aged of 12 and then on to Bidwell Brook where she thrived. Aged 19 she started attending Hollacombe Day Centre in Paignton five days a week but more recently it became apparent that she would really benefit from a residential place.

She has always lived at home with her mum Gina supported by an excellent care team. However for the last two years Gina has been encouraged by her family to look for a residential place for Millie. Gina wanted to keep Millie home as long as possible and when looking elsewhere could only find old people’s homes. Last summer she reached out to her care team and the care manager told her there was a place at Dame Hannahs. Millie settled in very quickly and very well. Gina knew Daisy Wilson, who has been at Dame Hannahs for many years, and her mum Rosie and felt reassured by them that Millie was in the right place.

Gina lives locally in Blackawton so she is able to visit Millie three times a week. She loves chatting to all the staff and making a fuss of all the young adults in Marchesi and sometimes she takes Millie out for a walk or a drive.

Millie is a very happy, bright and sociable person with a wicked sense of humour. She is very loving and always wants a hug. She loves to go on walks and outings as well as drawing and colouring. She has a favourite storybook in which she loves watching her mum fill in her name in the story. She also loves listening to and watching music videos and enjoys music sessions and cinema nights at Dame Hannahs.

Mum Gina said:
“It is really reassuring to know that Millie is happy and settled in case anything should happen to me. Until recently she was a real Mummy’s girl but she has now grown more independent and is happy to try anything. There is now a big gap in my life and I am trying to work out what work to do. For the past 20 years I have worked as a nursery assistant in the local village school and before having children I worked in the Civil Service. My 24 year old son Josh lives with me and has an amazing relationship with Millie. He has always been a huge help to me and Millie idolises him.”